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Welcome to TradeScriptWiki

Thank you for visiting our TradeScriptWIKI Wiki Site. The main purpose of this site is to provide wiki utilities to the TradeScriptWIKI Community. The site is used for the community to share their ideas in utilising TradeScript in their respective trading platforms. The WIKI site and the forum are designed to focus on various areas as indicated below.

Indicators and Oscillators, Trading Strategies, Optimization and Back testing, Using TradeScript in the Trading Platform, Automated Trading , Money Management

Please expand these as the community requires. We have also provided the facility for the members to contact developers that would be able to assist in the programming of specific requirements for the users; they can be reached by sending your request through the forum. Wiki are content written collaboratively by TradeScriptWIKI community members. The TradeScriptWikis can be expanded and improved by any community member who wishes to do so.

If you're new to using the Trader Wiki, the best place to start is to review the Wiki User Manual

New - Take advantage of regular postings in the TradeScript Blog .

Please note: If you have a support question, please post in the support forum.

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